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Miss Libby's Sewing Services


My name is Miss Libby, owner and operator of Libbylicious.  I have been so blessed to pass on the Gift of Sewing & Designing for over 20 years and counting.   

     I began sewing in grade school, where I  developed a love for sewing.  While continuing to study Fashion in high school, I  was invited to teach at Needlecraft Sewing School in Midland  Park, NJ.  For almost a decade I worked at that establishment; managing the facility, teaching students of all ages, and  training both teen & adult employees.  It was a rewarding experience to share sewing skills with my students, as well as, advancing  my co-workers sewing knowledge.

     Another milestone in my sewing career, was  accepting a position at Ramapo College of NJ.  For several years at the institution, I worked as an assistant teacher and assistant costume designer for all the affiliated theatrical productions. During that time, I was privileged to accept an opportunity reconstructing and sewing period garments.  My recreations were on display at the historic Merchants and Drovers Tavern Museum in Rahway, NJ.  

     These opportunities have enabled me to continue to share the gift of sewing and designing at Libbylicious.  My goal is to assist in expanding new skills, stimulating creativity, enhancing confidence, embracing uniqueness, and guiding my pupils on their journey to become artists and fashionistas.  

Everyone picks their own project, selects their fabric, and works at their own pace with assistance to complete their selected project.  

I strive to create a relaxing and positive atmosphere for self expression and development.  As a seamstress, my passion is to fabricate unique and functional creations for your aesthetic and fashion pleasure!